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Secure Your Practice From Paper Threats!

Heartland Scanning is your trusted one-stop scanning solutions provider serving both large and small businesses

Heartland Scanning offers a high standard of scanning service, professionalism, security and confidentiality to a wide variety of businesses.

Our insured & bonded staff pay careful attention to detail and quality control.

  • We offer quick and simple "SCAN TO DISK" services for all sizes of projects.
  • Prices vary depending on the level of usage of electronic data.
  • We provide secure pickup and delivery service.
  • Scanning your documents helps maintain better control and reduce liability risks.
  • Our processes are highly tailored to our clients' unique needs.

No matter the volume of your documents, our highly trained scanning staff can quickly convert your documents to PDF, TIFF, or JPEG formats and deliver digital copies on DVD,CD or portable storage devices.

Scanning Benefits

Heartland Scanning provides easy, fast, and secured document scanning. You can view and search files directly form a CD/DVD to reduce company overhead by saving space in your office or reducing storage fees for off site storage. Our professional staff provide secure document scanning with our high speed document scanner so your employees can save time and do more productive work. Heartland Scanning can provide indexing, coding or OCR’d documents so that your staff can easily search for files electronically instead of trying to locate files, copy the file, and then re-filing files in boxes or file cabinets.

For more information on safeguarding your confidential documents
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